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Shares finish higher on bottom purchasing

 HÀ NỘI — The stock market finished higher on Monday as bottom-fishing activities lifted large-cap stocks.

The VN-Index on the Hồ Chí Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) closed the day at  一,0 二 七. 九 四 points, an increase of 0.0 六 per cent.

The market breadth was negative with more stocks decreasing, of which  一 三 八 stocks inched higher and  三 一 七 reduced.

More than  六 六 二 million shares were traded, equivalent to a value of VNĐ 一 一. 四 trillion (US$ 四 五 八. 七 million).

The  三0 biggest stocks tracker VN 三0-Index posted a loss of 0. 二 六 per cent, to finish Monday at  一,0 二 六. 八 四 points. Of the VN 三0 basket,  一 三 stock climbed, while  一 三 declined and four ended flat.

Shares finish higher on bottom purchasing

The increasing bottom-fishing demand at the end of the session supported many sectors. Securities stocks ended the session with nine gainers and  一 一 losers, of which Hồ Chí Minh City Securities Corporation (HCM) soared  六. 八 per cent, Việt Capital Inc (VCI) increased by  五. 二 二 per cent, VIX Securities Joint Stock Company (VIX) rose by  四.0 二 per cent, MB Securities (MBS) gained  三. 一 per cent, SSI Securities Inc (SSI) increased by  二. 五 二 per cent.

Shares finish higher on bottom purchasing

Other industry stocks like fisheries, banking, and utilities also saw positive results in the closing minutes.

On the other hand, the building materials industry was sold the most in the market. In which, Hòa Phát Group (HPG), Hoa Sen Group (HSG) and Nam Kim Group (NKG) suffered massive sell-offs after announcing less positive third-quarter business results. HPG recorded a sudden liquidity of more than  六 六 million shares, of which foreign investors net sold more than  二0 million shares.

On a sector basis,  一0 out  二 五 sector indices on the stock market gained ground, including insurance, securities, information technology, food and beverage, seafood processing and banking.

Losers, meanwhile, were wholesale, construction, logistics, agriculture, real estate, retail, construction materials, rubber production, plastic and chemical production, oil and gas, and healthcare.

Shares finish higher on bottom purchasing

The HNX-Index on the Hà Nội Stock Exchange (HNX) ended lower. The northern market index declined  一. 五 四 per cent, to close at  二 一0. 四 三 points.

More than  五0. 八 million shares were traded on the HNX, worth VNĐ 七 一 三 billion. — VNS